Programming Plainly: Encouraging the Craft & Discipline of Software Engineering

Craft & Discipline

I began programming as a hobby, and a lot has changed as I have matured professionally. Through an appreciation of craft and discipline, I hope to encourage better software development.

James Thompson speaking to the graduates of DevPoint Labs in Salt Lake City and encouraging them to always keep learning.
James Thompson encouraging the graduates of DevPoint Labs in Salt Lake City to always keep learning.

I started programming when I was in 5th grade on an Apple IIe. I only cared about whether the code did what I wanted back then, and I didn't think or care about things like clarity or maintainability. Since starting my professional software development career in 2003, my thoughts have continued to grow and change as I've come to care very deeply about the craft of software development and how it helps deliver high-quality code. I've also come to value the discipline of techniques like Test-Driven Development and agile approaches to prioritization that help provide confidence in both the software development process and the software we build.

While I am migrating content from previous sites and platforms, there likely won't be much new content forthcoming. But, I hope to have things up and running soon, and I would love to share my new content and projects with you. So, please consider subscribing to keep up by receiving emails when I start publishing new content!

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